Color of Jupiter’s Hope – A Techno/Tech-House Journey. by ConaNDruM

Welcome to my new Techno – Tech-House DJ mix. Working on the video right now! (Video live!)
This was obviously recorded live, I was thinking about releasing another mix that had been run through a mastering plug-in, so please let me know what you think about the audio quality on this one. This is a direct unedited audio feed.
Please enjoy!

They tried to sell stereos using Giger’s art…  Not being able to read Japanese, I love the graphic counterplay between the characters and the images!



The Newest Album by COnaNDRum, Risible Tears, out now!

This is part one of two of my new album featuring some tech-house, techno and more!

A labour of love, this new album is a result of some home mastering, some new samples, and ton of sequencing and editing. Neat beats, cool sounds, haunting melodies, sci-fi samples? Yep, we got it all!

Please check it out. Free downloads are enabled for the first hundred people!




A little picture of me playing piano in the Botanical Gardens SF.

Technography – Techno Every Tuesday @ Codeword. SF, CA. 9PM – Late.


A techno weekly every Tuesday in downtown San Francisco. Featuring residents El Gato, Paul Leath, and yours truly, COnanDRum!


Update: We made it six weeks I believe. The staff and venue were great. We just really needed to bump promotion or start 5 years earlier. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported.

Stoned Meadow Of Doom

When I’m not making avant-garde dubtechno, I like to relax and draw to Stoned Meadow of Doom. Some of the best stoner metal and guitar rock on the planet. Start with popular uploads and go from there. Doom. Sludge. Psychedelic.
I recommend Wo Fat and Nataraxas. Best C

Source: Stoned Meadow Of Doom – YouTube

Battery Ram by ConanDrum

Techno with soul? Soul with soulless beats? I actually wrote vocals to this tech-house stomper, but had to take them off, because I don’t know about you, but I can barely listen to my own voice played back! Haha.

Anyway, please enjoy.

One of my favorite songs. It’s just so 80s to me, which I love. Early synthesizer and drum machine work, especially in cinema is amazing.