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Conandrum is an electronic music project by ______, a artist and bon vivant from SF, CA, USA, Earth, Sol. Conandrum makes a variety of music that can best be described as “experimental acid industrial tech dub”.
Influences include psychedelic rock, dub, and industrial metal music. Conandrum is also part of THE ARGUMENT and Tomas Cruzio, also based in SF and part of the local electronic and festival scene!

A gothic symphony programmed on a GameBoy in an apocalyptic world on battery power. Conandrum is the newest industrial techno project from one of the minds behind Tomas Cruzio and The Argument! Based in SF, this is music for your feet, your mind, your ass, and your spiritual companions. for bookings.
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If a gothic symphony, programmed on a GameBoy in the apocalypse met a post human soundhacker, it might sound a bit like Conandrum’s latest techno project.
A full representation of the Conandrum library is on the way!
For Now? Please enjoy The newest original track representing a 20 year history of electronic production with influences ranging from trance to metal to industrial to dub. And the freshest live daytime deep tech-house set from HoWeird street fair 2014!
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